Our Time
by Ute Carson
Decanto Poetry Magazine/Anthology issue 31, Masque Publishing UK

It's the sun hour and my heart swells with happiness
At your smiles, tiny first wrinkles crossing your smooth baby face.
Then it's the moon time
And the grandfather clock on the mantle
Strikes 2 or 3, the hour of solemn sleep.
I nurse and rock, rock and nurse,
Hum and rock, rock and hum
As the house is hushed into silence,
Broken only by your Dad's slight snoring,
My mother's regretful sighs,
Your sister's angelic breathing.

I continue to hum as softly as a buzzing fly
Not to disturb the soothing spirits' nightly watch.
I am reluctant to place you back into your crib,
Because this is our hour, our dream time,
When I weave my contentment into your slurps and burps,
Infusing my good wishes into your future life

- ~ -