In a Bubble of Bliss
by Ute Carson
The Green Silk Journal, Spring 2012

For Kaius

In the cradle of my arms
I safeguard my baby's sleep,
and my emotions envelop my heart
in a snug embrace.
For a while, before the baby wakes,
I live in a bubble of bliss.

Each awakening is a leaving.
Children carry the ball of life forward,
run with it, make goals, miss targets,
fumble it, kick it in disappointment,
and toss it in and out of relationships.
They move on
and their future rolls out of my sight.

Until one day, unexpectedly,
a child or grandchild turns around
and throws the ball backwards:
"Catch, Mama,"
"Catch, Gran."
For a moment I live again
in a bubble of bliss.

- ~ -