3 Poems - Free Xpression
by Ute Carson
Free Xpression, Volume XVI, Issue I, 2009, Australia
Hit the Road

Leave the table
When no more love is served.
Meager meals can even nourish
But crumbs just increase hunger pangs.

When no more love is served
Put on your walking shoes
And hit the road.
Someone out there
Is surely waiting
To prepare your next meal.


Inner Light

The grape arbor is your cage
In which you pace, round and round,
Stepping into old footprints,
Eyes narrowed, scanning the ground.
Light frolics through dense foliage
Dancing circles across your path,
Then flitting to green vines above
Skipping along the surface of slippery leaves
Only to caper back down
To tickle your ears.

Pebbles glisten in the soil like guiding lights
As you search diligently for something invisible.
I am a sunbeam
Trying to catch your attention
But your concentration never wavers,
You never look up.


Put a Kiss on a Wish

My grandson Zachary pursues his fantasies as eagerly
As he builds his toy castles.
His honeyed voice incants:
"Let's ride on the back of a camel
Through deserts all alone,
Escaping danger like a lizard
By leaving parts of ourselves
Behind on a stone.
Come with me
Through dark forests
With a tiger as our guide,
Let's fight pirates and smugglers
In perfumed fields of lilies
We'll hide..."
His enthusiasm like pelting rain
While I fumble for my magic wand.
He falls silent,
His blue eyes smile. Then he murmurs,
"Let's put a kiss on our wishes."
Resolved. A true magician!
Anything is possible under the tender spell of a kiss.

- ~ -