Good Night Moon
by Ute Carson
Published in "Earth Love Magazine," Poetry for the Environment, Issue 25, November 2007, UK

On this cold December night, 2005
The moon is full one final time,
Rounded out in golden splendor,
Cream-colored like lit smoked glass,
Its reflection on the tranquil ocean surface
A large gilded porcelain platter
From which I am emotionally nourished
And physically strengthened as from a feast.

As the moon waxes and wanes
Always constant in its presence,
I stare at the 5 on the digital clock
Flashing, blinking, pulsing,
Crimson, scarlet, burgundy,
Soon to roll over to 6
Only to reappear in good time.

And feeling a tactile longing
For all my loved ones past and present,
I send out an ardent wish
For moments of faithful memories
As the moon keeps sending its benevolent, constant beams
And bids the old year good night.

- ~ -