Flooded with Love
by Ute Carson
Motherwell Magazine, March 2022, UK

Like the tide my love rolls toward shore
where my dear ones live.
I want to lift them onto my cresting waves,
have them inhale healing waters,
their pores sponged with salty spray,
protected by my elemental powers.
But they scurry away, shake themselves,
and let the sunrays dry them.
Enough! they protest.
So, I ebb and form a lagoon around their feet,
sprinkle them lightly with my ocean fingers.
They recognize me with friendly indulgence
from their tender years
before continuing on their way.
I retreat to the white foamy surges under a violet sky
and wait for a time when,
after many moons have risen,
they will call for me to come back toward shore.

- ~ -