Extra Padding & Sunrise/Sunset
by Ute Carson
The Greenwich Village Literary Review, Vol. I, Spring 2015
Extra Padding

Shrinkage of mind and decline of body
suggest that we shrivel and wilt.
Instead, as we grow older,
we become plump
like overripe fruit.
Is it the cold north wind
rustling our memories,
or daily tasks rattling our weary bones
that make extra padding
a necessary protection for the old ?



We tumble into life
and during our journey
we often stumble and fall.
First there is dependency
when we need tending and nurture.
Then the path forks,
one life echoes another,
and we become equals in a caring community.
With age independence wanes
as we prepare for our departure,
hoping for a cushioned landing
into the arms of those
who first cared for us.

- ~ -