A Colorful Well-Worn Garment
by Ute Carson
"ARDENT", A Journal of Poetry & Art, May 2010, Vol.5:1

My body is a beautifully spun tapestry
In which I live in wonder.
Moist and silky at birth, a tender web,
Then designs singing out my youth
In emerald-green fanciful orange.
As my maturity blows in the summer breeze
I fondly stroke and smooth out pleats,
Noticing sparkling yellows and wild reds
In the new richly patterned cloth.
Through all my years I've taken good care of my wrap,
It can't be exchanged!
As the fabric thins with aging,
Hems unravel, seams need stretching,
I knot gems of humble wisdom into the folds.
Until at the end of life (as with all things perishable)
I have to let go of my well-loved garment
And with the scent of deep purple lilac dancing at my feet,
My body is transformed into earth dust and flower seeds,
Or fire and ash floating with the lightness of birds
Up into a sapphire-blue evening sky.

- ~ -